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Welcome to our site, here you will find ways ways to get motivated and ways to get organized in our new planners and journals filled with coloring pages!  Be creative and take charge of your day by setting goals for personal growth.  If you are looking for coloring fun check out our coloring books for adults. We offer special coloring books for adults and grayscale coloring books.   Butterflies, Flowers, animals and much much more to color !  Click on each one of the photos and be taken straight to the books page to see what's inside.
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Grayscale Books

Coloring Books

Keep yourself on track with a ready made planner and gratitude journal.  Be inspired by quotes everyday to keep you motivated and moving forward.  Or if you just like to write things down, our regular journal is great for you too!
Do you love to color then you will love our coloring books.   They are no longer just for kids they are for adults too,  we use them for relaxation, to calm down our day or just for fun!
Grayscale coloring books are a little different than your normal coloring books.  The pages are beautiful photographs transformed into coloring pages.   
 As you can see my collection of books so far consist of journals/planners and coloring books. I love to make lists, plan my day, set goals and try to unwind at the end of my day with a beautiful coloring page. So I wanted to share that with you with my coloring books. I have set up daily planners and goals and of course a place to be grateful for things everyday in my journals. I am not an artist but I do have an eye for beautiful photos and have turned them into grayscale pics for you to transform them into masterpieces. My grayscale coloring books are not your everyday coloring books, they are lighter and less in detail so you can add your own detail yourself. This started out for me as just making my own projects but I have enjoyed the results so much that I want to share them with you! Happy coloring!