Successful Planning Goals and Gratitude Coloring Book

If you are ready to motivated and get organized, you can set new goals in this new successful living planner. Get on track with setting up the week for tasks, appointments and goals you want to accomplish. Work/life balance is an important part of daily living so we have made room for those goals as well. Be creative and take charge of your day.
 Include fun activities, goals for personal growth and the chance to bring a positive outlook to your everyday life. This book will definitely raise your confidence as you conquer daily challenges and come up with resolutions for hard to reach goals. Take the time to reflect on goals you have accomplished and be Inspired to move forward with our daily motivational quotes that are here to help you reach goals you never thought were possible. It will give you opportunities to make time for important relationships in your life, help you to find gratitude in things you accomplish every day to bring joy and happiness into your life. This coloring book is inspired by Successful Living Planner and Journal 6x9 edition. This is a larger size 8.5 x 11 and has a different style and more coloring pages to enjoy.

Features: Flowers and butterflies themed Weekly overview Daily planning Weekly reflections Daily motivational quotes Full Coloring pages at the end of every week Elements to color each and every day.  Weekly doodle pages Notes to self  Plenty of journaling room for everyday. Below are some of the  coloring elements inside the book.

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